Macachieto is a leader in providing projects and engineering solutions. Our uniqueness is our ability to meet customer specifications at the lowest possible cost. We offer a range of engineering and project management services that are tailored to the needs of different industries. We provide project planning and design, procurement, fabrication, installation, training and commissioning services. Our team of skilled engineers and project managers have the expertise and experience to manage projects of varying sizes and complexities. When failure is not an option, Macachieto is the number one choice to deliver on projects and Engineering solutions including;

  • Mining Dewatering Consultancy, design, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, training and after sales technical support services.

  • Custom design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and commissioning services of industrial parts and components to meet your specific needs.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy & Solutions, project planning & design, procurement and technical support services to help you optimise your operations and improve your productivity.